Snow(shoe) hiking

Untouched nature right up close

Would you like to have the snowy winter landscape to yourself, away from chair lifts, pistes and ski chalets? Then snowshoe and winter hiking is perfect for you. Discover the Alta Badia area in complete freedom and be the first to trudge through the glittering deep snow.

Alone, with family or friends: Snowshoe hikes are made for everyone. After you’ve got used to the snow shoes, you will stride across carpets of snow as if they are fluffy clouds. If the path has already been broken, you can set off on a hike wearing simply sturdy waterproof shoes.
Paths from easy to challenging

Step by step, you train your body’s stamina while the stillness of nature supports your mental state of mind. You immediately fuel up with new energy in the delightful winter landscape. In Corvara and the surrounding area there are numerous tours of various difficulty levels to choose from; one of them is sure to be perfect for you.

When you’ve finally crossed the expansive pastures at the foot of the jagged cliffs of the Dolomites and hiked through the thick forests, you’ve arrived. At the destination of your tour, you’ll know it was worth it: The view of the peaks, such as the Peitlerkofel, Piz Lavarela and Marmolata, is simply priceless.
Snow(shoe) hiking
Snow(shoe) hiking
Snow(shoe) hiking

Snowy Corvara

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