Alpine Hut Punta Trieste

Authentic Alpine Hut with an Unusual Host

The Punta Trieste Hut lies at an altitude of 2,028 meters above sea-level, and affords a magnificent panorama of the world of the Dolomites. The hut is operated by the jack-of-all-trades Willy Costamoling, who is an extreme mountain-climber, a paleontologist, a skier, and an Alpine rescuer. Costamoling is also one of those "men of Corvara" who attained world-renown after the release of the movie of the same title.
This cozy hut is a popular rest-stop for hikers and skiers: You can enjoy typical local dishes with a good glass of wine either on the large terrace or in the Ladin parlor.

For reservation for the hut Punta Trieste:

call the number 0471-836643 or
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