Body and mind: the benefits of the mountains

What is it that makes people choose the mountains?

Here in the Dolomites, a whole series of factors lead many people to opt for Corvara and Alta Badia every year for their weeks of summer and winter holidays. We identified 5 different benefits that make this area so valuable for your physical and mental health.
Body and mind: the benefits of the mountains

1. The view of the mountains

These days, when we spend so much time shut inside staring at a computer or a cell phone, the mountains provide us with the loveliest high-definition spectacle ever created!
A giant screen that projects the most engaging story that we could possibly watch: nature.
A tale involving animals that roam free, scenery that changes every hour of the day, colours that vary by the season and enhance every part of this heavenly setting.

An incomparable view, one that, among other things, offers great, tangible benefits for your eyes. Looking out at the horizon, indeed, relaxes your nervous system and lets your eyes refocus restfully.
You will instantly feel refreshed, relaxed and calmer.
Body and mind: the benefits of the mountains

2. The sounds of the mountains

The commotion of the city is a problem we often overlook. The brain is constantly subject to triggers and nervous stimuli by noise – sometimes imperceptible to our conscious minds – that can put stress on the nervous system.
Just imagine, instead, standing on a peak of the Dolomites. Surrounded by quiet. A bird sings and the wind ruffles the wildflowers, the trees, your hair.
Silence, total silence.
... and a smile on your face!
Don’t you feel better already?
Body and mind: the benefits of the mountains

3. The fragrances of the mountains

There is no doubt that the coolness, the purity and the healthfulness of the air are some of the most popular aspects.
Stopping just to breathe. You immediately feel joy throughout your body. A sensation of wholeness.
Noticing the perfume of the flowers and herbs can awaken all kinds of positive vibrations. The scent of the earth misted with dew that tells us that there is something alive, something in motion under our feet.
And the total absence of dust mites, smoke and pollution. Many benefits that encourage the production of helpful substances like cortisol, a cure-all for positive moods!
Eliminate stress and let a feeling of vitality sweep over you!
Body and mind: the benefits of the mountains

4. The rhythm of the mountains

Lao Tzu – an ancient Chinese philosopher and writer – said that every journey begins with a single step. We might add that this journey becomes thrilling if it ends on top of a mountain peak ... and the best part is that it will all happen during this adventure.

Walking on a mountain is indeed an experience that goes beyond your senses.
Every step prompts another one. The altitude requires some effort, but it pulls you to heights that make you feel full of vigour. Your red blood cells increase thanks to the thinner oxygen. Your muscles become toned and your reflexes sharpen.
Every metre you cover stimulates your nervous system, with your heart beating and bringing new life to your circulatory system, your lungs pumping the cool air to every part of your body, strengthening your immune system, your metabolism sparked by the physical activity.
A free check-up for your body, brought to you by ‘Doctor Nature’!
Body and mind: the benefits of the mountains

5. The flavours of the mountains

After all this exercise, the mountains also offer much to restore you.
Teas prepared with the herbs collected during outings held by the hotel.
Warm, freshly baked bread, studded with seeds by our expert bakers, who teach our guests the old ways of baking. The food is knowledgeably prepared in our restaurant: a rare treat made with slow preparation, authentic ingredients full of nutrients and free of additives, tastes that make the eyes widen with joy.

Don’t forget good wines to enhance your mood and circulation, spring water of the clearest purity, homemade beverages and liquors whose fragrances bring back flavours that have almost been forgotten.
The body and mind feel immediately rejuvenated, invigorated, fortified and – most of all – satisfied!

Where does all this lead us?

Those familiar with the mountains know that by the end of a holiday, our mood has improved and our hearts are full of enthusiasm.
The fact is that humans originated in open spaces, and spending a few days in contact with this kind of environment has an indisputably healthful effect.
The flora, the fauna, the good vitamin D from the sun, the clean air, the body moving and flushing out fat and harmful substances while producing endorphins to boost your mood, the psychological satisfaction of reaching a goal: incomparable healthfulness!

In short, why do people choose the mountains for their holidays?
Because they allow you to enjoy such unique, rare, healthful activities!
So many reasons make our guests and friends come to visit us every year in the mountains, here in Corvara at the Sporthotel Panorama.
We can’t wait to share these positive vibrations with you, too!
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