Chromo therapy and the mountains: how the colours of the Dolomites will make you feel great

Harmonize your psyche and body.
Stimulate your imagination and desire for discovery.
Rest and at the same time feel energized and invigorated.
The colours of the Dolomites will reinvigorate you, thanks to the colours of nature and their surroundings.
Chromo therapy explains the beneficial effects of shades and tones on people.
Complex processes, from which to take inspiration and take advantage of your vacation in Alta Badia.
From here you can admire a wonderful portrait of nature: admire it, live it, love it.
Here are the colours that will delight your eyes and mind:

1. Green: meadows in bloom

A great colour for those who love balance and peaceful calm. A green lawn, an enchanted valley, will provide harmony and offer a reflective approach to your holiday.
It has the effect of relaxing and stabilizing your mood and you’ll experience it while walking towards some of the many points of interest reachable from Corvara: Sassongher, Civetta, Marmolada, Tofane, the Sella Group, Santa Croce, and Sassolungo.

2.White: snow-covered peaks

The colour of light and serenity. Some peaks still display a touch of white; admire them while having breakfast on your balcony overlooking the mountains.
Everything is clean, candid, soothing. White spaces continue toward the sky and beyond, to infinity. This colour - with its softness - will soothe your eyes and make the early hours of the day peaceful.
A day in Corvara couldn’t start off any better.

3.Blue: the sky above the Dolomites

There is that moment when you start walking and then suddenly stop. You admire the sky. It slows down your heartbeat, improves your breathing, and conveys a truly inimitable sense of relaxation.
Blue offers calm and tranquillity, a perfect solution for your mood and for the processes that bring renewed energy to the body.
For the adventurous who want to accompany relaxation with adrenaline rushes, admiring the sky is even more magical with a hike, tackled, for example, on the Tre Cime di Lavaredo, in the Catinaccio Group, or on the Torri del Sella and the Sasso di Santa Croce.

4. Red: flowers, fruit, and the colour of the valley

Passion, energy, and vitality: increase your heartbeat, stimulate the desire to be active, transmit the desire to play sports, improve vitality and the desire to get involved.
Red is the colour for those who want to fuel their desire to be active.
The Sporthotel Panorama organizes outdoor experiences with plants and medicinal herbs, so that you can experience the colours of flowers in a conscious, ecological, and fun way!

5. Yellow: the Sun

Why is being outdoors so magical?
Walk towards new paths, feel your pulse increase, admire never before seen panoramas or attend the Movimënt parks, fun spaces at high altitude.
The sun caresses your skin, balances your being, and stimulates the production of beneficial elements in the body that improve physiological processes.
.... And the yellow of the sun will not only give you strength, concentration and vigour, but also an enviable tan!

6. Orange

Imagine stopping your bicycle. Sunset on the horizon. Orange colours radiate between the curves of the mountains. You feel great! Orange in fact has a beneficial effect on your mood, instilling a perfect stimulant that can make every person feel carefree and put a huge smile on their face. The essence of a holiday in South Tyrol!
There are many colours to admire in Alta Badia, an unmissable mix of sensations and experiences in Corvara!
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