Confessions of a wine lover in Alta Badia

The spirit of the land is bottled in its wine. It passes on knowledge. It captures fragrances, flavours and emotions.

Wine is a word that often leads to the word Love.

As with every love story, there are special places where memories, discovery and smiles make the heart race.

Places that entice you to return, time and again, where you can find peaceful contentment.
Places of the soul.

In South Tyrol, there is a place where every wine lover finds a “temple of taste”.

Corvara. Alta Badia. Our destination is the Sporthotel Panorama, the place where the magic will happen.

The destination is a true landmark for Wine Lovers.
After spending a day discovering nature, trails and tracks, it is time to go to the Hotel’s wine cellar.

This selection is enviable, poetic in the collection of so many varieties and vintages, available to the visitors.

A true treasure, with a selection of national and international wines that will leave you speechless, both with amazement and due to wanting to start trying our range of wines.
Obviously, everything is accompanied by tastings of delicious gastronomic creations. Delicious meals that perfectly accompany the selection of wines. Enchanting, enjoyable, a superb combination of flavours and aromas.
Personal advice: Don’t miss the “duck, chestnut and radish terrine” or “whole-wheat dumplings with suckling pig, Savoy cabbage, smoked sausage, potato zabaglione”. Heavenly! (HERE  the full menu)

During the evening, the question arises: it will be the pleasantness of the wine, the Dolomite Mountains and the magnificence of Alta Badia, the emotional location of the Sporthotel Panorama, the insightful and captivating stories told by the host, Michael. Of course, it will be the summary of all of this. But there is only one result: contentment, satisfaction, happiness.

Knowledge and love for the fruits of the Earth: one of the secrets to being happy!
What is wine, if not this? Thanks to the Sporthotel Panorama for the experience!The Stua Ladina is the perfect stage for this evening of tastings.

Wood, furniture and history: the perfect place for this perfect moment. An experience and a memory to keep for a long, long time.

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Explore the Dolomites on foot or by bike and really pamper your palate in the evening!