Dolomites: Happiness at any age

Every phase of life has its own particular needs, wants, and desires, moments during which stimuli, answers, and pleasure are sought from the environments in which we live.

For me, the mountains were a faithful traveling companion at every stage of my growing up.

Every year in the Dolomites I found an affectionate friend who gifted me emotions, new knowledge, and well-being capable of making every holiday a new way to discover myself through nature, traditions, and beauty.
But when did this start?
CHILD: the curiosity of discovery

The first time I visited Corvara was in 1967.
A car trip that seemed to last forever, yet at the same time a spasmodic wait to find out what this place called "the mountains" was like.

Upon arrival, complete amazement. This was the first time I became a "little baby" in front of those giant, shaded, tall and unknown boulders: breath-taking.

My initial fears then turned to curiosity and my wanting to become a "friend" of those colourful mountains.

Those first walks with my parents on Col Alto, Piz Sorega, and Piz La Ila, the first names of flowers learned with amazement in the Puez-Odle Natural Park, the first animal shapes disappearing among the clearings of the Fanes-Senes-Braies Natural Park, with my utmost excitement and dismay.

What an incredible thing it seemed to me at that time to see a deer turn and run away!
I smiled and stood there, mouth wide open.
I then admired the spectacle of the Cascate del Pisciadù (Pisciadù Waterfalls) for the first time and sat for hours in the sun watching the little fish at Lake Boè. What memories, what nostalgia!

A GROWING LAD: the desire for emotions

Years passed by and Corvara always represented a long-awaited destination after months of schooling, studying, and daily routines.

There I anticipated meeting friends arriving for their summer holidays. New people and acquaintances met from year to year; so many experiences and know-how gathering in a meadow in the Valle dei Mulini or during a gastronomic event at the Santa Croce Refuge.

Although I knew so many places, Alta Badia and South Tyrol were always able to offer new destinations where I could play sports, explore with friends, and learn things about nature

The Three Peaks, the Civetta, the Marmolada, the Tofane and the Sassolungo: simply put great fun and adventure!

Summer trekking and winter skiing were complemented by mountain bike trips to the Sellaronda, climbing the Catinaccio Group or the Sasso di Santa Croce, and all kinds of other activities that allowed me to enjoy the open air, water, and land and drove my youthful sense of discovery.

Those roaring years are unforgettable postcards in my mind!

WITH MY FAMILY: sharing happiness

A few years have now passed. I met and fell in love with Barbara, and Vera and Thomas were born. The excitement of returning and seeing my children discover those places is wonderful. The same interested looks, the same desire to take on every corner of the surrounding land.

Obviously I hope that every single moment will make those days spent together become unforgettable to them.

Together we woke up at dawn and went to Sassongher to see the rising sun.

We picked medicinal herbs for herbal teas to drink together while eating biscuits. We made bread by hand in order to rediscover the flavour of manual skills and many other family moments, for which my children - now grown - are still grateful.

OUR DAYS: the pleasure of tranquillity

“Growing up” is always a challenge. One often settles for what is known and has already been seen; an error I have always forced myself to avoid, and to this affect, Alta Badia was a wise counsellor.

My desire to be amazed always remains the same. I reward myself a life dedicated to Ladin museums and their stories and traditions; undertaking paths towards castles and their legends.

Places like Corvara, Colfosco, Badia, San Cassiano, La Villa, and La Val are now a second home to me.

People like Michael - host of the Sporthotel Panorama, my point of reference for my stays over time in Corvara - have now become lifelong friends.

Every moment becomes a way to remember the past, a way to retrace the present in an emotional way, and above all look forward to the next holiday in the mountains.

Thank you South Tyrol, thank you Alta Badia, thank you Dolomites!
"Sport classic"
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