Fine food and wine in Alta Badia: Gourmet delights

What makes a food and wine experience unforgettable?

The specific geographical origins of the dishes served, the unadulterated land, the quality of the raw materials.
The way the food was lovingly grown and handled.
The expertise in the preparation of these specialties.
But there is one factor that many underestimate. People often think of "eating" as an act solely related to the moments right before the actual act of eating.
But it's not.
It's something more. There is a sequence of sensations and circumstances that influence our experience at the table.
Here are a few of those sensations, selected from our friends who every year choose the Sporthotel Panorama to enjoy their time at the table -- they know what specialities to choose from in Alta Badia.
Fine food and wine in Alta Badia: Gourmet delights

1.Place of culinary pleasures

orvara and the Dolomites offer incredible places to enjoy your favorite dishes and local delicacies. In this sense, eating becomes a way to "identify" oneself with the surroundings.
Take a walk at dawn and try a hearty homemade breakfast. Have a rich and filling lunch at the end of a mountain biking or hiking excursion. Try a refreshing snack after skiing in the Dolomiti Superski area. Indulge in a sandwich with bacon and cheese after a bread baking lesson organized by the hotel. Enjoy dinner at sunset while admiring the Sassongher that says good night in all its majesty.
Sensations to be experienced in this marvellous natural setting where you can fully enjoy every single moment;
Fine food and wine in Alta Badia: Gourmet delights

2.The stories behind each dish

In the words of Jean Brunhes, "Eating is embracing a territory."
Each food has its own story. Historical origins. Particular ingredients. Processing methods passed down patiently through the generations. The ability to talk about a food, besides the taste, allows you to more deeply appreciate the close link between the food, its history and territory.
In the restaurant, in the Stube or in the cellars of the Sporthotel Panorama, it becomes a pleasure to listen to the details, tips and stories about furtaies (deep-fried leavened dough), bales (dumplings), jüfa and scartè (mousse made with milk and bread), cajincì arsctis (stuffed and deep-fried half-moon shaped ravioli) and turtres (fritter with spinach and ricotta, sauerkraut or with poppy seeds).
Stories that will whet your curiosity, satisfy your stomach and entertain your mind and imagination.
Fine food and wine in Alta Badia: Gourmet delights

3.Food memories to take home with you

pending a culinary holiday in South Tyrol allows you to experience moments of relaxation, sport and wellness. But above all it is a collection of small charming moments.
Dining here reserves some of the most significant moments of your stay; it is the best way to become familiar with the spirit of the Dolomites and Alta Badia.
Precisely for this reason, thanks to the fine food and wine, your holiday at the Sporthotel Panorama will be more than just a holiday -- it will become a unique way to cherish memories throughout the year and remember them with a smile. Enjoy your meal!
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