Hiking for beginners: a guide for your first mountain tour in the Dolomites

Are you wondering whether hiking in the Dolomites is suitable for beginners? Our answer is: YES! This hiking guide shows you what you should pack in your backpack, what belongs to the right hiking equipment and what you should pay attention to when choosing your first route. With our eight tips for hiking beginners, you will get over hill and dale safely!
1st tip: choose a hiking trail for beginners
First of all: Start relaxed! It does not have to be one of the really big Dolomite peaks. Panorama trails or lake hikes are also fun and offer unique views. If you are looking for a hike in the Dolomites on the internet, look for those marked "easy". If you have a good basic fitness level, you can also try an intermediate hike. However, the route should be marked as a hiking trail in any case, so that you can orientate yourself on the spot. At the Sporthotel Panorama, hiking pro Albert will be happy to provide you with tour suggestions. His favourite easy hikes in the Dolomites? A leisurely high-altitude hike on the Pralongià plateau and the tour from Corvara to the foot of the Sella massif in Colfosco, where the Pisciadú waterfall gushes down the rocks.

2nd tip: pick the right hiking equipment
The right clothes for hiking? In the mountains, one look is particularly popular: the two-layer look. It is best to wear several thin layers on top of each other. For hikers who do not want to compete with Reinhold Messner, comfortable hiking boots, a backpack and a waterproof and windproof jacket are enough. With hiking poles, you can relieve the strain on your joints, support yourself in rough terrain or provide an extra push on the ascent. At the Sporthotel Panorama we provide you with free hiking poles and backpacks during your stay.

3rd tip: Take a first aid kit and sunscreen with you
Ideally, it is not needed and yet it should not be missing in any backpack: the first aid kit. Minor injuries such as blisters or abrasions can quickly occur while hiking in the mountains. Every kit should therefore contain the basic items for proper wound care: plasters in various sizes, disinfectant, bandage packs, scissors, tweezers and blister plasters. However, one of the most common injuries while hiking is another: sunburn. UV radiation is particularly intense in the mountains, so sun protection is an absolute must. It is best to use sunscreen with a sun protection factor of 50+ and headgear with UV protection.

4th tip: Take enough provisions for hiking with you
Even on an easy hike, it is important to have snacks and water in your backpack. It is always possible that you have circulation problems and need an energy boost, or that the alpine hut you were hoping for is closed. Sandwiches, apples, pears and snacks such as muesli bars, nuts or dried fruit are suitable. You also need to make sure you drink enough during the run - at least half a litre per hour.

5th tip: Take a photo of the hiking map in advance
Forgot your hiking map in your hotel room? No problem if you have taken a photo with your smartphone in advance. This way you can find your way around without using up data volume or searching for areas where the Wi-Fi works. There is also no need to unfold the paper maps, which is no fun especially on windy days. The Sporthotel Panorama has a hiking library with numerous hiking maps at your disposal.

6th tip: download the local hiking app
Since hiking is becoming more and more popular, there are not only hiking maps but also numerous hiking apps that can be used to find hiking trails. Many of these apps not only offer detailed map material, but also current weather information, directions, information about parking possibilities at the starting point, walking times, tips for equipment and much more. You can often download the content of these apps for free and save them offline so that you have access to them even without internet reception in the mountains.

7th: look up insider tips on Social Media
Research local hashtags on social media channels before your hiking holiday in the Dolomites. This way you will find real insider information about local meeting points, places for sunrises, the best spots to take pictures and special tours. Thanks to the location information on many Instagram posts, you can also find the exact address for each picture. Try it with: #altabadia #altabadiaofficial #corvara #dolomites or #dolomites

8th tip: Inform the reception about your tour
Imagine you need help, but no one knows where you are. Therefore, you should always inform others about your hike, even if you are travelling with your partner or in a small group. Let the reception of your accommodation know where you are going and when you have returned. This will ensure that action can be taken quickly in the event of an emergency.

Well planned is half hiked: With our tips for hiking beginners, you are guaranteed to be optimally prepared for your first mountain tour. And who knows: maybe that easy hike in the Dolomites will soon turn into the big summit storm! Find our hiking offers or book directly your hiking holiday in the Dolomites – we are waiting for you!
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