Holidays in the mountains: 9 benefits for your health!

A holiday in the Dolomites literally offers "mountainous" benefits for your health. Even a few days at the Sporthotel Panorama at 1,700 metres above sea level are like a balm for body and soul. The mountain air, the water, the nature, the view and the hiking trails around the hotel are a panacea for physical and mental health. Why is a mountain holiday in South Tyrol good for you? And why is mountain air healthy? Let us tell you!
As soon as you get out of the car in front of our hotel, you will feel that the air is thinner because there is less oxygen in it. The body will compensate for this by producing more red blood cells. After just three days, our altitude above Corvara promotes the build-up of vitalising red blood cells and thus improves the flow properties of your blood.
You will not only benefit from the increased production of red blood cells shortly, but also 120 days after your mountain holiday in the Dolomites, because the blood transports oxygen better to the brain and muscles. In addition, cell renewal is accelerated, you feel more vital and rejuvenation processes are even triggered.
Tired, listless, stressed out? Then let's go to Corvara! In our hotel at 1,700 metres above sea level you can breathe away chronic stress and relax more easily. The untouched nature in the two nature parks Puez-Geisler and Fanes-Sennes-Prags has a mood-lifting effect. Hikes from the hotel door flood your body with endorphins - for a fresh dose of happiness and vitality. The Pisciadú waterfalls are a very special natural area: their roaring and cooling mist of finely atomised water droplets trigger a relaxed state in you and meditative mindfulness sets in.
The sun has a different light spectrum at 2,000 metres above sea level than at 200 metres. More precisely, the light spectrum is more complete at our altitude because there is less smog and gases filtering out certain light frequencies. High-altitude sun thus corresponds to more natural sunlight. Sunbathing on our sunbathing lawn or on a sunny alpine hut in Alta Badia stimulates the formation of vitamin D - with which you strengthen your entire organism from the bones to the immune system.
In the mountains, the amount of infrared light is higher. During your hiking or MTB tour on the sunny plateau of the Pralongià, the long-wave infrared light penetrates deep into your body. It increases blood circulation and energy consumption and fights chronic infections. Infrared light is strongly antibacterial and activates your immune cells.
Finally breathe freely again! The dry, cool mountain air in Corvara is ideal for house dust allergy sufferers and asthmatics. House dust mites cannot exist above 1,200 metres. The flowering season of the plants is also much shorter in our alpine location, which is why the pollen load is much lower. Mountain air is healthy and the best way to recover irritated respiratory tracts.
Exercising in the mountains has proven to have stronger health effects than in citys or indoors. Mountain hiking and mountain biking in Alta Badia promote cardiopulmonary fitness, strengthen the immune system and prevent heart attacks, strokes, diabetes, osteoporosis, back pain and certain types of cancer, among other things. Especially walking downhill - for example from our local mountain Sassongher - stretches the muscles, stimulates the bones and strengthens the knee muscles very efficiently. The constantly changing ground also requires a lot of body stability and balance.
It is no secret that unnatural radiation from mobile phones, WLAN, radio, satellite dishes and power lines is not good for people in the long run. In the mountains, the amount and intensity of radiation is much lower. If you leave your mobile phone in your hotel room too, you are doing your body something amazing. Metabolism and central nervous system get the opportunity to recover from electro smog and you will notice this very clearly with the better sleep.
Due to the lower oxygen content at our altitude, there is less oxygen in the blood, so your heart rate will increase and you will breathe more often and more deeply. This stimulates fat metabolism and reduces the feeling of hunger. Nevertheless, you will hardly be able to resist the daily Ladin gourmet creations!
As you can see, a holiday in the mountains makes you healthy and happy. A stay in Alta Badia ensures that body and mind are completely "reset". Everything adjusts to the natural rhythms again. Would you like to experience the power of the mountains for yourself? Browse through our offers or book your mountain holiday in the South Tyrolean Dolomites right here!
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