Love story: in the Dolomites on a mountain bike

A few years ago, I began bicycling. I think it all began in 2009.
In the beginning, my motivation was closely related to being active and staying in shape.
As the months went by, my enthusiasm for cycling increased exponentially.

I began exercising with my bike on the weekends at first, then during the holidays, looking for places that would be perfect for this new passion of mine.

In 2012, my holidays helped me find my greatest favourite of all.
The Dolomites.

I went to Corvara in Val Badia along with some friends.
After a few days, my bicycle outings in the mountains become more frequent and intriguing.

From taking a spin in the morning to see the sunrise, through the challenging excursions in search of the most interesting places like Tru di lêć (the lakes trail), waterfalls like the one in Pisciadù and points of interest along the nature park in Fanes-Senes-Braies.
My enthusiasm just kept growing.

I returned to Corvara every spring or summer. Once I had tried it, the Alta Badia became a reference point on any occasion for my mountain biking holidays in the Dolomites.

Sella, Pordoi, Passo delle Erbe and San Pellegrino, Santa Croce, Giro del Cherz, Pralongià, Ganes, Giau Fedaia, Furcia, Gardena: so many of these names became familiar, conjuring up a flood of sensations and a desire to explore.
Every year, the challenge was to discover new corners of paradise, new goals, all for the next fascinating bike ride.
Setting an objective, learning about the place and the details of the route, focussing for the trip or taking on challenges like the Sella Ronda Bike Day or the Dolomites Marathon.
There is always something new: an offering for mountain bike fans that would be hard to find in other places.
Helmet, knee and elbow pads, special gloves and scarves: the advantage of staying in a Sports hotel like the Sporthotel Panorama is what allowed me to get advice, recommendations and great sports clothing to take the best advantage of my daily outings at all times.

When it comes to my new enthusiasm, one person stands out as an excellent guide.
The hotel’s Mr Michael – a great fan of the mountains, sports and bicycling – can direct us to so many wonderful itineraries to increase our skills, has so many stories about the area and, most of all, everything we need to make every day’s adventure first-rate.

And then, the cherry on top of the sundae with these experiences is also what comes after the workout.

The wellness centre offers lots of relaxation and stress-relieving sports massages after a tough day, and there are delicious meals and refreshments in the magnificent atmosphere of the restaurant, all of which helped to make Corvara, Alta Badia and the Dolomites a second home and a favourite place to turn my passion into action.

If you want to try new challenges and a new source of great satisfaction, hop on your bike: To the Dolomites!
Love story: in the Dolomites on a mountain bike
Love story: in the Dolomites on a mountain bike
Love story: in the Dolomites on a mountain bike
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