Snow and Children: Destination Dolomites in Corvara

Your first steps in the snow are unforgettable.

Looking at the sky while the snow falls gracefully. Watching it open-mouthed from behind a window. Dressing quickly, running outside, stopping and smiling.

Playing and discovering and skiing the trails, falling and getting up and dreaming.

For a child, this is one of the most genuine and sincere enthusiasms.
Because of this, during our holiday in Corvara, seeing my son take his first steps in the snow was so exciting.

When he turned 4, I decided to start him in his first skiing class this year. The same age when I started his sister Claudia – she is now 9. And like his sister, Francesco has shown a great passion for this sport from the beginning.
Obviously, a lot of the credit for this blossoming love goes to the Dolomites and their charm, their panoramas, the intense connection that is made with nature here.
Here in Alta Badia is a special place to take this course.
The slopes are perfect. The powdery snow. The flawless organisation of the schools, safe and reliable, thanks to very experienced and well-trained instructors that are internationally proven.

For the children, it isn’t just a time to learn a new sport, but above all a chance to socialise, grow and mature.
The fear of the first steps becomes boldness. The hesitation of those steps becomes courage. The nervousness of comparing yourself with the other kids becomes a way to incite them to face new challenges, to experience every moment with daring and conviction.

Constantly improving by learning from your mistakes, always with a smile on your lips and the customary last hug with your new friends, perhaps during the snack with the group after skiing.
As happened with my daughter, every year skiing becomes a time to return to Corvara. To meet again the friends you’ve made over the years. To see again these stupendous places and enjoy exciting memories.
Then, in the evening, I love to sit and hear their stories, their anecdotes about the day, the sparkle in their eyes that is simply happiness.
A great satisfaction for a parent. Another reason to return every year to South Tyrol and the Sporthotel Panorama.
Want another reason – the main one, the most honest one – why I continue to choose this place?

I also – 27 years ago – learned to ski here. For me, too, it was in Corvara where I began to love the mountains.
I dream of my children also having the same sensations, the same love for the Dolomites, the same appreciation for the Sporthotel Panorama succeeding in providing my family with lots of excitement every winter.

A heartfelt thank-you to Michael, to the ski instructors and to everyone who makes these emotions possible.

Thanks so much, see you during our next holiday!
Snow and Children: Destination Dolomites in Corvara
Snow and Children: Destination Dolomites in Corvara
Snow and Children: Destination Dolomites in Corvara
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