Summer in Alta Badia: 10 experiences for 10 times of day

Why are the Dolomites considered one of the places you should visit at least once in your life?

Definitely because of their unrivalled beauty and natural charm. Because of the winter and summer sports. And the thousand flavours and many events that make this part of South Tyrol one of the most important centres in the world for mountain holidays.

But there are some special experiences that should not be missed, that make this area a constant source of exciting ideas, magical experiences and new emotions.

A more intimate, authentic approach, a way to rediscover distant traditions and the true essence of the mountains.

If you are planning a trip to South Tyrol, then, here is a list of things to do in the Dolomites to get you started on your personal experiential holiday.

An incredible, fun journey to discover new thrills!
Summer in Alta Badia: 10 experiences for 10 times of day


    1. Awaken at dawn in your own room, in silence. Meditate while looking at the mountains around Corvara and enjoy a full breakfast featuring local products and homemade sweets.
Smile at the gifts of nature.
    2. The sun is still sleeping. Small steps lead you from the hotel. The exciting view makes words unnecessary. The path leads towards your goal. The sun rises through the peaks. The feeling is something you can’t describe.

Welcome, sun! A new day full of surprises has begun, thanks to your “sunrise excursion“.
Summer in Alta Badia: 10 experiences for 10 times of day


    3. Collect herbs. Explore fields and pathways. Identify flowers, leaves and roots. Learn the history of each plant: its origins, properties and therapeutic values. A sea of knowledge in the land. An invaluable treasure that provides delicious foods, aromatic teas and a thousand different uses.
Feel in tune with nature. What a precious gift!

    4. Hiking and mountain biking. A yearning to explore the most beautiful places in Alta Badia will wake you right up.

Map your route. The ritual of preparing your backpack, how lovely! One step follows the other. One bike trip inspires another. You welcome the exertion with satisfaction as your goal draws closer.

The Fanes-Senes-Braies natural park and the Puez-Odle natural park. The High Road of the Fanes. The uplands of Puez and La Gardenaccia. Lakes and summits, mountains and meadows. Trails, paths, byways to discover. The result: the pleasure of finding something new.

    5. Visit a real farm. Amazing buildings. History told through spaces and moments of life, rooms and farmhouse kitchens, mountain pastures and cooking. An essential place to feel the heartbeat of Alta Badia. An outing or a lifetime in these original homes both belong on your personal “bucket list“ of things you absolutely must do in South Tyrol.
Summer in Alta Badia: 10 experiences for 10 times of day


    6. Make bread in ancient ovens. Make a choice of flours. Inhale their fragrances. Touch them to discern their consistency. Light the fire. Exchange recipes and imagine the taste with fresh-picked vegetables. Go over the steps. The dough. The rising. The baking. The tempting aroma, the crisp crust just out of the oven. What a delight!
The inimitable flavour of something made with your own hands. A unique experience.

    7. Experience the weekly farmers markets: hams, cheeses, eggs, liqueurs and artisan-made products. Conversations and stories. Sacks full of goodness harvested that day for you to take home. The craftspeople are the embodiment of the strong bonds between the land, nature and history. Real symbols.
Summer in Alta Badia: 10 experiences for 10 times of day


    8. Hear some fascinating phrases in Ladin and take in the history of the official language of Alta Badia and the surrounding areas. A deeper way to get in tune with the land.

    9. Sample the local flavours. Pastry ravioli (mezzelune) stuffed with nettles, wild spinach and Alpine herbs. Try local wines in the wine cellar of the SportHotel Panorama: the dream for every wine enthusiast.

Each wine is a past, a present and a future. To pair with foods, people, histories. Drink and enjoy thanks to the expertise and treasures to be found in the local wineries.

    10. End your day with unsurpassable memories, simply watching the sun hiding behind the mountains. The Sassongher salutes you. The light softens, your pupils relax.

Unforgettable Corvara and Alta Badia.
"Sport classic"
For a few days or a whole week...
Explore the Dolomites on foot or by bike and really pamper your palate in the evening!