The best Alpine herbs to try during your holiday in the Dolomites

Our mountain herbs are true treasures of nature

Lushly flowering meadows and happily ruminating cattle shows: what grows in the meadows at the foot of the Dolomite peaks is delicious and rich in nutrients. If you visit us on a wellness holiday in the Dolomites, you too can enjoy our medicinal mountain herbs in three different ways: if you keep your eyes open on the hiking trails in the area, you can find plenty of edible alpine herbs. But if that's too much effort for you, you can also indulge in a wellness treatment with local herbs at our hotel. And finally, at Sporthotel Panorama you will also find one or two alpine herbs on your plate. Among others, you will find:
The best Alpine herbs to try during your holiday in the Dolomites
Stinging nettle
The stinging nettle usually grows in large bushes by the wayside and can be found almost anywhere. However, it can do more than just burn. In the kitchen, it is often used as a tasty addition to salads or as a tea. It also has a metabolism-boosting, purifying and haemostatic effect. Nettle baths are often used to treat skin blemishes and acne.

The elderberry bush grows up to 7 metres high and thrives in many locations. In the past, it was said to have a protective effect, which is why it was often planted around houses and stables. Today, however, elderberry is popular as a medicinal and culinary plant. It is mainly used to combat cold and flu symptoms, as it strengthens the immune system.

Lime blossoms
The flowers of the lime tree are usually made into tea and have a variety of healing properties. They have an anti-inflammatory effect on colds, relieve head and stomach aches and have a calming effect on those suffering from nervousness or difficulty falling asleep. That's why we have chosen them as one of the ingredients in our Phyto Art Massage.

Dandelion is one of the best-known herbs of the Alps. We know it for its characteristic yellow colour and as a blowball. It likes to grow on fertilised meadows. As a salad or ingredient in soups, pesto, and tea, it has a positive effect on the liver and gall bladder, purifies the blood and stimulates its production. In addition to the leaves, the stem can also be eaten.

In South Tyrol, but not only there, a myrtle wreath was traditionally worn by brides or young girls. Today we value the plant for the essential oil that is extracted from it. It is primarily used to cleanse the respiratory tract, as it has an antibacterial and mucolytic effect, but it has also proved effective in the treatment of bruises.
Although it is quite inconspicuous and does not catch the eye in the meadow, yarrow actually has a lot to offer: it not only has a positive effect on the digestive organs, but it also heals internal inflammation, promotes kidney function, improves circulation and cardiovascular health, and can even be applied to open wounds.

Swiss pine

The herbs of the Alps are not limited to pretty flowers. The Swiss pine, an evergreen conifer from the Alps, is used in a variety of ways. Its aromatic, fragrant wood is used to make oils or creams, for example, but it is also popular as a pillow filling - in bed for a restful sleep and in the wardrobe as a protection against moths.

Which herbs are cultivated in and around the Dolomites?

Not only the wild mountain herbs are valuable. The medicinal herbs of the Alps also grow in the many gardens of South Tyrol. Bread clover, tarragon, savoury, beebalm, lovage, oregano and rosemary are particularly popular and widespread: alpine-mediterranean flavours that you will be happy to find on the menu at Sporthotel Panorama.
The best Alpine herbs to try during your holiday in the Dolomites
The best Alpine herbs to try during your holiday in the Dolomites
Have you discovered your passion for collecting herbs yet? If not, don't worry: those of you that prefer to take it easy, can relax at our wellness hotel in the Dolomites at any time of year and be pampered with the best medicinal plants of the Alps - and savour them too. Book your holiday in the mountains now – we are waiting for you at the heart of the Dolomites!
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