The “easter eggs” of Corvara

The most spectacular but hidden excursion destinations around our hotel in the Dolomites

Easter 2023 is over, but don’t worry: In the town of Corvara, you can find easter eggs all year round. What we mean by that? It’s simple – the innumerable breath-taking but sometimes hidden excursion destinations around out hotel in South Tyrol. If you haven’t yet planned something for every day in your holiday in the Dolomites, just look at our list and find your favourite spot in the mountains. Or try something entirely new…
The “easter eggs” of Corvara

Pisciadù waterfalls

A simple hike that starts directly at our hotel in the Dolomites. It’s suitable for families and leads you along lush green meadows to the impressive Sella massif, where the Pisciadù waterfall merrily springs forth. Once you arrive, you can admire the Dolomite peaks from below and restore your strength with a picnic before hiking back to Corvara and relaxing at the Sporthotel.
The “easter eggs” of Corvara

Lake Boè

Lake Boè is one of the most stunning lakes in the Dolomites. Depending on the lighting conditions, it shimmers in the most beautiful green tones – an influent or run-off river cannot be seen on the surface. On your holiday in South Tyrol, you can reach this lake in the Sella massif by taking the Boè ski lift in Corvara. It’s just a few minutes’ walk away from the mountain station. If you’re feeling particularly fit, you can try climbing the 3,152-metre-high peak Piz Boè as well.
The “easter eggs” of Corvara

Snow cave

A snow cave in summer? That’s right! If you take the chairlifts La Crusc 1 and La Crusc 2 in the village of Badia right the to Corvara and hike for a short distance, you can visit a natural snow cave that forms each year when the melting water flows under the ice layer and hollows it out. During the summer months, the cave continues to grow steadily. The path leads you along the wonderful Armentara meadows.
The “easter eggs” of Corvara

Punta Trieste alpine hut

At our hotel in South Tyrol, we always serve you the best foods, whether you book bed & breakfast, half board, or full board. But a visit to an alpine hut is a must on your holiday in South Tyrol! We recommend the hut Punta Trieste, which comes with a restaurant and wine shop, and is loved by hikers and skiers alike. The owner is Willy Costamoling, we would say a famous man in Corvara, extreme climber, palaeontologist, skier, and alpine rescuer.
The “easter eggs” of Corvara

Something entirely new…

A holiday in the Dolomites and hiking sounds too predictable for you? Then why not try something completely different? Around our hotel in South Tyrol, you can try many other activities. The Tranrüs golf course is located less than one kilometre away from our house, and we also have a tennis court. You can go riding, paragliding, and discover many more exciting activities!

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