The way to the heart is through the stomach

Culinary highlights in our Stüa Ladina and more

Spring is entirely dedicated to love – at least for the more romantic ones among us. Nature slowly comes to life, the days start to get longer and warmer, and spring feelings are in the air.

If you visit our hotel with your loved one, you will find everything you could ever need to make your time together unforgettable, from perfectly prepared slopes and hiking trails to cozy rooms and a luxurious wellness area.

But today, we want to talk about one specific aspect of our pampering routine: the culinary one. It’s not for nothing that we say that “the way to the heart is through the stomach”.
Is there something to this saying?

Not long ago this saying was usually directed towards women, implying that they should make their husbands happy by cooking them delicious meals. Even though a lot has changed, we still like to meet up in restaurants for dates. Our gourmet hotel in South Tyrol would be perfect for that, too. After all, good food can trigger the release of the so-called “happy hormones” and strengthen the bond of the people eating together. So, it seems like there is indeed a kernel of truth to it.

Culinary pleasure – the Ladin way

If you visit us for a culinary trip to Italy, we will spoil you with Italian and international classics, as well as dishes from the traditional Ladin cuisine. It is inspired by the dietary habits of the rural population back in the day, which was influenced by various festivities throughout the year, as well as the availability of each ingredient. It was mainly the housewives who created delicious meals with often very few ingredients. Today, we like to reinterpret these dishes for our guests.

A culinary vacation in Italy

At Sporthotel Panorama, we spoil you in all the ways possible; however, it’s especially important to us to serve you exquisite dishes and drinks. That’s why we have three different restaurants, including the Stüa Ladina, a traditional Ladin panelled dining room, and the Punta Trieste, an alpine hut with a wine shop. If possible, we only use regional and fresh products, and we serve you the best wines from our cellar alongside. Your host Michael is especially proud of that – in fact, he’s looking forward to introducing you to his passion during a wine tasting session.

What you can take home

Can’t get enough of your culinary holiday in Italy? With a few simple South Tyrolean tricks, your meals will taste better than ever. Our mums and grandmas have always known that everything home-made tastes better. So, take your time at home to prepare a meal from start to finish – or plant a few herbs on your balcony. Still, it doesn’t harm to be culinarily spoiled by a loved one from time to time. Maybe your stay at Sporthotel Corvara will inspire you to do so…
You want to taste our hearty meals and delicious wines yourself? Then send us an unbinding enquiry or just book your next gourmet holiday in Corvara!
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