What are the scents and sounds of South Tyrol?

You know how when you close your eyes and stop talking, forget your worries and let yourself be carried away by the scents and sounds around you and what you feel on your skin.
An incomparable sensation.
Doing this ‘exercise’ is incredibly more pleasant when you are in the mountains.
The Dolomites offer a series of moments when you can enjoy wonderful aromas and sounds.
In carefree contact with nature and beauty.
Here are 5 experiences we love our visitors to have when they come to see us in Corvara, in the heart of Alta Badia.
Now close your eyes. Relax. Imagine.


We get up early. We look out at the Dolomites from our room. We get bicycles, and Michael — the Sporthotel Panorama’s owner and an expert guide — leads us on the sunrise outing.
We head for some points with panoramic views where we can watch the dawn, with the dew on the plants greeting the first rays of sun, while in the distance the valley awakens and birdsong heralds the coming day.
On our way back, we take the ‘Tru dles viles - farmhouse trail’ where the damp wood is so pleasant, and then some of us — after a delicious breakfast — head from Corvara to the stupendous Col Alt/Pralongiá highlands, where wildlife sounds reign amidst the silence.
What a great start to the day!


Water flowing peacefully. Brooks that are like a whispered, alluring song. Waterfalls like the ones in Pisciadú in Colfosco, which trumpet the strength of nature. The placid quiet of lakes like the ones in Crespeina and Lagazuoi.
A symphony of rare, hypnotic sounds that will enthrall you


During a walk to discover the loveliest parts of Alta Badia, you can explore the area on 400 km of trails that wind between 1,200 and more than 3,250 metres of altitude.
An incredible variety of plant life that can hardly fail to surprise you, especially in protected places like the Fanes-Senes-Braies Nature Park.
The sempervivum of the Dolomites, the pungent artemisia, the Tyrolean primrose and the grey-green sandwort are just some of the plants in the area that offer up incredible fragrances.
There are also outings led by the Hotel that let you seek out and collect some medicinal plants that later, back at the Sporthotel Panorama, you can sample with great food or make into healthful teas with unmistakable flavours.


lose your eyes and listen to your breathing. You feel heavy, your legs are tired, you feel the perspiration dripping onto your t-shirt.
After a tour of the Sellaronda on your bike, or else in direct contact with the High Trails of the Dolomites on an exciting hike, your efforts are repaid by breath-taking panoramic views.
Pause at the top. Breathe. The air, the wind, the sunshine: It will be as if you were feeling them for the first time.


ou’ll be hungry after all this exercise.
Go to a small, hidden house. This is the breadmaking course! Locally grown wheat, slow processing, expert guidance on how bread can take shape in an unequalled array of types, cooking methods, textures and tastes.
As a group, we prepare the bread and learn a lot. We knead it with our hands and the end result, with that amazing fragrance, is really satisfying and marvellous!
The sampling continues in the evening at the Sporthotel Panorama, where with its cellar of delicious wines and wise preparation of tempting foods, we can try some delights of Ladin cuisine like barley soup and turtres (‘pockets’ with a filling of spinach and sauerkraut).
These flavours will forever remain in your mind.

Close your eyes. Smile. Imagine yourself being there and enjoying all these wonderful things.
A perfect day for your summer holidays in South Tyrol.
"Sport classic"
For a few days or a whole week...
Explore the Dolomites on foot or by bike and really pamper your palate in the evening!