A summer holiday in the Dolomites: 5 advantages for early birds

The early bird catches the worm – at the summer holiday in Italy

Are you a late riser or an early bird? Even if you like to lie in on the weekends and free days, we would still like to recommend getting up a little bit earlier on your summer holiday in the Dolomites. When staying with us, the early bird doesn’t only catch the worm, but plenty of unforgettable experiences and unique holiday moments. In this article, we would like to present you the most memorable ones.
A summer holiday in the Dolomites: 5 advantages for early birds

An optimal start to your holi-day

Rising early isn’t only good on workdays, but also on your free days and when you’re away on holiday. Studies suggest that who gets up earlier tends to be in a better mood, more awake and more motivated to tackle whatever the day holds. Getting something done before midday, encourages you and gives you the energy to go on into the afternoon. If you get up early, you literally have more hours of the day at your disposal that you can use for your holiday adventures. Additionally, the morning hours are usually the quietest, and the air is still fresh: the perfect time for a morning stroll on your own to enjoy the silence and free your head of all worries.
A summer holiday in the Dolomites: 5 advantages for early birds

The morning glow of the Dolomites

The so-called alpenglow (enrosadira in Ladin) is one of the most stunning nature experiences in the Dolomites. Only a handful of travellers, however, know that the pink glow of the pale rocks is visible at sunrise, too. You can admire the phenomenon during a sunrise hike, or even if you visit the Dolomites for a climbing holiday. The peaks around Sporthotel Panorama are ideal for observing the sunrise: First, you will see the sky turn yellow, then orange, then pink, and finally, the sun will appear on the horizon, filling the landscape all around you with magical light. Even though the air might still be fresh, the rising sun already announces another brilliant summer day in the mountains.
A summer holiday in the Dolomites: 5 advantages for early birds

Hiking and biking in the quiet

Each year, countless guests are attracted by the stunning nature surrounding our hotel and decide to spend their summer holiday in Italy with us. Many visit South Tyrol for hiking, but also mountain biking in the Dolomites has become more popular. If you don’t want to miss the most popular spots but you’re also a fan of the quiet, you should be under way early. Right after sunrise, when most are still enjoying their breakfast, you are already approaching your chosen destination. All around you, nothing but endless spaces, dew-covered meadows and the sound of your steps or your wheels on the gravel. Once the hiking paths start to get busier, you are already on the way back into the valley, where your vacation day is all but over…
A summer holiday in the Dolomites: 5 advantages for early birds

Time for more

Nature or culture? If you can’t decide, you better get up early. Using this strategy, you will still have plenty of time and energy for other activities after you’ve returned from your excursion. In the different museums of the region and at the folk festivals which are held throughout the year, you can get to know the culture of South Tyrol and the Ladin people better. The town centre of Corvara entices guests with its charming mix of traditional and trendy shops.
But if you still crave being active, you can use the opportunity to play tennis or golf in the Dolomites – on our very own tennis court or at the golf course “Tranrüs”, which is less than a kilometre away.
A summer holiday in the Dolomites: 5 advantages for early birds

The Sporthotel, all to your own

Our much-valued members of staff, which ensure that your holiday experience at Sporthotel be as perfect as possible, know the magic of the mornings very well. Everything is still quiet, the tables are set, and the buffet is waiting for the first guests. The water surface at the indoor pool is as smooth as glass – no one has entered it on that day. And at the spa area, everyone is getting ready to pamper you. Would you like to be the first one to breathe the fresh morning air on the terrace, swim a few rounds in the pool, grab a delicious croissant from the buffet, and enjoy a relaxing treatment at the wellness area, while others are still dreaming? Then rise and shine!
A summer holiday in the Dolomites: 5 advantages for early birds
At Sporthotel Panorama in Corvara, which is one of the best places to stay in the Dolomites for hiking, there’s lots to experience from morning to evening: from a rich breakfast buffet to countless nature and culture highlights, relaxation at our spa area, and a varied dinner menu with selected, regional ingredients.
As an early bird, you can enjoy just a little more of everything – so think about setting the alarm a bit earlier for a change. But don’t worry: In Corvara, even the most adamant late risers get up with ease once the sun shines through the curtains, the birds sing outside the window and the dreamlike mountain world of the Dolomites is waiting for them.

If you would like to visit the Dolomites for a cycling or hiking holiday, don’t hesitate to send us an unbinding request – your best summer holiday in Italy is waiting for you. And don’t forget: The early bird catches the worm!
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