An outdoor summer in the Dolomites

5 days of varied activities

I’m a regular at Sporthotel Panorama. It’s just the ideal place to get your yearly portion of summer adventure. I prefer roaming around on my own, just me and nature, that’s how I relax the best. However, many tours and activities are ideal for families as well. In my last holiday in Corvara, a beautiful town in the Dolomites in northern Italy, I stayed for 6 nights: that’s 5 whole days to get the most out of it. For my summer in the Dolomites, my principle is always to have as much fun as possible and to never hesitate to try something new!
An outdoor summer in the Dolomites

Day 1: hiking

For my first day in the Alps, I chose a relatively relaxing activity. As it is right for a hotel in the mountains, at Sporthotel Panorama I was served a rich and healthy breakfast. After that, I was fit to take on my hike across green meadows and through shadowy woods, until I reached higher regions. In the Dolomites, Italy, hiking really is for everyone: from easy trips down in the valley to challenging tours on the peaks, you are spoilt for choice! If you have any amount of experience, you will have no problem finding your way on the well-labelled paths; but if you want to be sure, or you just prefer hiking in company, Sporthotel Panorama also offers guided tours in the Dolomites.
An outdoor summer in the Dolomites

Day 2: golfing

I must admit: golfing in the Dolomites has really changed my perspective on this sport! The golf course Tranrüs in Corvara, not far from Sporthotel Panorama, has welcomed me with open arms, even though I was a total beginner. I had the opportunity to learn the basics of golf with a professional instructor. Thanks to a Driving Range and Putting Green, the conditions for learning were ideal. Aside from the beautiful and well-kept course, Tranrüs has to be one of the best golf courses in Italy in terms of the mountain views you get while playing. Situated at an altitude of 1.700 metres, it’s one of the highest in the Alpine region – and it’s surrounded by the majestic peaks of the Dolomites. The fact that a shuttle brought me from the hotel to the course and back, makes it a real golf hotel in my eyes. So, make sure that if you come to Italy, you include golf in your to-do list! (Image: Unsplash)
An outdoor summer in the Dolomites

Day 3: climbing

The hiking trip on my first day has brought me up above the tree line. On altitudes above 2.000 metres, only smaller plants and grass still grow. In spite of that, I couldn’t wait to go up even higher: the via ferratas in the Dolomites are famous for their amazing panoramic views and varied routes. At my hotel, I was given many useful tips for my trip. For everyone that wants to try climbing for the first time, they also offer a free equipment rental. When I climb to the top of a mountain and stretch out my arms to the sky, it gives me a feeling of success like no other. And what a view! That’s when I instantly forget all the struggles it took me to get up. If you like to wake up early, you could even admire the sunrise from a mountain top. Either way, if you visit the Dolomites in Italy for climbing, I can guarantee you that you will leave satisfied! (Image: IDM)
An outdoor summer in the Dolomites

Day 4: biking

I wanted to use my fourth day in Italy for mountain biking. I’ve tried it a while ago, but somehow never got round to buying my own bike. This was not a problem at all though, as the Dolomites have bike rentals for all your needs. Just as I expected for a bike hotel, numerous routes start directly at the door. Thanks to my electric mountain bike, I could reach considerable heights even though I didn’t have much experience. But even those that prefer relaxed bike trips down in the valley won’t be disappointed. Next year, I really need to try road biking, as the panoramic mountain roads in the Dolomites are ideal for it. However, I still have to practice a bit more before I can complete the legendary Sellaronda, a route of 58 kilometres over four mountain passes around the famous Sella massif.
An outdoor summer in the Dolomites

Day 5: paragliding

The last day of my holiday has, yet again, surpassed my expectations! I’d heard that in the Dolomites, paragliding is one of the most popular trend sports. That’s why I decided to use my fifth day in Corvara to try it out. You can book tandem flights directly in the village. As you will be flying together with an instructor, you won’t need any experience or equipment. What more can I say? As soon as the initial nervousness subsided, I just enjoyed the view and the fresh mountain breeze in my face. In the mountains in Italy, paragliding is surely one of the best ways to enjoy nature – a unique experience that I recommend to anyone who would like to try something new beside the usual activities like hiking and biking.
An outdoor summer in the Dolomites
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