Corvara-The jewel

Corvara: The Jewel of the Region
Corvara-The jewel
The Sport Hotel Panorama is located at the foot of the Sassongher Massive, in the enchanting village of Corvara at the end of the valley of the same name. Corvara is situated at an altitude of 1,568 meters above sea-level and is regarded as the cradle of tourism in Alta Badia / Hochabtei. As far back as the 18th century, locals earned their living conducting the first guided tours into the surrounding mountains. The construction of Italy's first chairlift in Corvara helped pave the way for acquiring even greater importance as a center for tourism, and the locality eventually became a leading winter sport resort renowned throughout the entire Alpine region.
Today, due to its unique location, the attractive sightseeing spots in the immediate vicinity, and the excellent lodging, Corvara is the undeniable crown jewel of tourism in the region - both in summer and winter. Whether you're a hiker, a mountainbiker, a skier or a snowboarder, an active vacationer or just someone who wants to relax and enjoy his holiday, this vacation spot has something for you. And even golfers will find exactly what they're looking for in Corvara: The idyllic "Transrüs" golf course is the perfect place to tee off amidst the lofty heights.
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